Question: is it possible to reset base attributes in Skyrim, or otherwise set them to a specific value (eg via the console)?

Background: I installed a couple of mods on Skyrim that lower attributes if you don't eat/sleep (No Rest for the Wicked and The Belly Rules the Mind). Both very good mods and I used them for a while.

I started a new game and decided to disable the mods. However, I stupidly waited until I needed food/rest before disabling them.

After disabling the mods and reloading the game, I noticed my attributes were all red and 10 points lower than they should be.

I tried reinstalling the mod, sleeping, eating, etc., but the values now seem to be stuck lower than they should be.

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The correct answer is to use player.setav. player.modav is used for temporary improvements or diminishments and therefore will turn that stat red or green forever.

player.setav magicka 100
player.setav health 100
player.setav stamina 100

Found the answer looking through Nexus and http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Console. Running the following console commands fixed my attributes. I was then able to remove the mod and continue playing as normal:

player.modav magicka 10
player.modav health 10
player.modav stamina 10

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