Some vehicles in GTA 4 offered special controls or even missions to start when inside.

I've already found some vehicles in GTA 5 with more than the standard set of controls, but are there more? Or is there a Website that lists them all?

  • All Taxis -> Start Taxi Missions with D-Pad right
  • Tow Truck -> Left analog stick lowers/raises hook
  • Mountain Bike (w/ full suspension) -> R1 does a Bunny Hop

(I would appreciate it if the answer was made into a community wiki so others could append their findings.)


Another one I found:

  • On a racing bike, press RT (360) or R1 (PS3) to lean forward and go/accelerate faster, but with an higher turning radius. Quite useful during triathlons.
  • Neat! Pushing the left stick forward does this too, but it's a lot harder to turn at the same time that way. I hadn't tried the right trigger. – dpatchery Oct 9 '13 at 20:24
  • The left stick balances you between leaning forwards and backwards on all two-wheeled vehicles. Lean forward to go faster, lean backward to perform wheelies. I don't know if R1 is exactly the same as the left stick forward. It may be additional, as it is not present on other two-wheeled vehicles (it's rear wheel brake on motorbikes and jump on suspension bikes). – Chaos_99 Oct 10 '13 at 7:21

Here are a few:

  • Bulldozer: Left analog stick up/down -> raise/lower blade
  • Submarine: A/X (360) X/Square (PS3) -> sink/rise
  • Convertibles: D-Pad right (when not moving) -> convert between roofed and open-air mode
  • Plane from McKenzie Field Hangar: A (360) X (PS3) -> Drop shipment/bombs
  • JB700 (a James Bond-type special car):
    • X (360) Square (PS3) -> ejector seat (only works when the appropriate tooltip appears)
    • click left analog stick -> spikes

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