I've been playing GODUS for about 19 hours now, and nothing has been going wrong. Recently, when I went to start it up again, the game crashed before the cursor managed to appear or anything even loaded. This now happens every time I try to start it, and I can't play!

Is there any way to fix this - without losing my save data, preferrably?

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The issue is with your save file. Thankfully, GODUS frequently backs it up, so you can fix the game without even having to reinstall.

In your GODUS save files directory (SteamApps/common/Godus/prf[a whole bunch of numbers]/), there are a whole bunch of files, depending on how much you have played. The error is in state.bin. Simply remove state.bin and GODUS will load state.back instead, letting you launch the game as normal without losing any progress.

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