Which achievements in Memoria can be missed? Are any of them mutually-exclusive? How do I get them all?


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I'll try to keep this spoiler-free. Most of this is adapted from here and here.

Chapter 1

  • Getting the job done: When asked, answer "No, I don't like riddles." This will end the game.
  • Causing tremors: Have the golem hit the 'Rock Face' 10 times.

Chapter 2

  • Honesty is the best policy: Tell Bryda the complete truth.

    Choose the options "I don't know" - "It was behind the tent" - "Geron"

  • Crispy: In the Inn, turn the pork-roast.

  • Master Detective: In the Inn, accuse the right person for the right reason on the first try.

    Accuse only Thorwalian, say he was not there (don't mention the hangover)

  • Nosebleed: Accuse the right person, but try to start a fight.

    Accuse only Thorwalian, then talk about the hangover.

    You'll have to save and reload to get both Nosebleed and Master Detective.

  • Clumsy Oaf / Masterful Sneaker: You get Masterful Sneaker for making it through to dormitory without getting caught, or Clumsy Oaf if you get caught. To not get caught,

    * Go all the way to the left and around the bed.
    * Go back to the farthest row of beds.
    * Go right to the shards, without stepping on them.
    * Cast a repair spell on the shards.
    * Cast the Magic Glow.

  • Baited: Before leaving the dormitory, pick up the "Strange Artifact" next to the novice. Give it to Bryda.
  • Firun's Disciple: Catch the rabbit on the first try

    * Spread the Pelt on the Flowery Meadow in the right-down corner.
    * Use the Dagger with Wooden Logs in the inventory and use the Wooden Stakes on the Pelt.
    * Take the Stakes out.
    * Use the Rope on the Pelt With Holes.
    * Use the Stick with the Tied-Up Pelt.
    * Now lay the Dandelion on the Flat Stone on the left, take another one and and lay it in front of the rabbit’s Hole further to the left.
    * Hide behind the Bushes With Rope’s End (you’ll have to click three times).

Chapter 3

  • Phex Be With You: From the start of the labyrinth, go Right, Middle, Right, Middle, Middle
  • The Journey's The Reward: Get lost in the forest (move areas 100 or so times)

Chapter 4

  • Doombringer: Touch Owlric
  • Sadist: Break and repair Owlric 10 times

Chapter 5

  • Being Kind / Renegade: Give the items to Xerxes / Throw them away. You'll need to save and reload to get both.
  • A Knack of Spirits: Convince the air spirit to help on the first try

    Choose “Play with me!”, “Let’s play hide and seek!”, “You hide me from the magicians!”

  • Big Brother: Adjust each horn to face the sphere above it (on the first try?)
  • Seek and Ye Shall Find: At Satinav's piller (the monolith), click in the middle of the wall on the left-side.

Satinav's piller

Chapter 6 and Chapter 7

(No missable achievements)

Chapter 8

  • Finish Line / A Gift Called Freedom: Each of the final choices gives an achievement. Save and reload to get both.

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