In order to get the achievement "American Dream" you need to own an insured vehicle (which you get free), a garage, and an apartment.

Seeing as many of the garages and apartments are pretty expensive in the beginning, I would like to know what the cheapest ones are and where they are located. The location preferably with a screenshot of the map with the location of the garage or apartement marked.

  • Cheapest Garages & Apartments mean many players may have bought it. Higher chance to meet other players & get killed. lol
    – Raptor
    Oct 31, 2013 at 9:27

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There's a huge list of all the cheapest houses and garages in Grand Theft Auto Online:

Cheapest Garage:

Cheapest Garage

Building: Unit 124 Popular St Type: Garage Features: 2 Car Storage Price: $25,000 Location: East Los Santos

Cheapest House:

Cheapest House

Building: 0112 Rockford Dr Apt 13 Type: Apartment Features: House & 2 Car Garage Price: $80,000 Location: West Los Santos

The information can be found in-game on your phone using the Internet. Money & Services - Dynasty Real Estate. The guide below has all properties listed in price order to make things a bit simpler.


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    Erhm... the garage screenshot points to the wrong one (32k $) instead of the right one (25k $) in the answer and on the website you linked to. You might want to correct both (assuming that you are a collaborator on the linked site).
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The cheapest garage is Unit 124 Popular St. for $25,000 (or free with the Collectors Edition). It's a two-car garage.


The cheapest i've found is $29,500. It's one in a group of four located in la mesa in the central to south eastern area of the city.

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