I am running out of space on my WiiU, and there are some games coming out soon that I will want to download. I'd like to buy a new hard drive before that happens, but I don't know what kinds are supported and don't want to get something that's too good for it to use.

What are the specs for the best hard drive I can get for my WiiU?

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If you need more disk space for your WiiU, you need an external USB hard drive. Some facts about the WiiU and its USB:

  • The WiiU's USB is 2.0, so don't bother with any USB 3.0 devices.
  • WiiU can only access up to 2TB from an external device.
  • No matter how fast the HDD is, the speed bottleneck will always be the USB 2.0 interface.

Get a 2TB USB drive with an external power supply and you should be okay. Here is the official FAQ on the WiiU and external storage. It also lists external USB devices that are known to work.

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