Before, we established that visibility is discrete. With update 13, however, there is now a number called "detection risk". What does this number mean? How does a lower value affect my visibility?


It appears that the "detection risk" is the level that the detection meter starts at the moment a guard or camera spots you. So if you have a detection risk of 75, the highest, you will be detected very shortly after a guard or camera spots you.

In this screenshot, my detection risk is 35. The screenshot was taken on the same frame that the camera first noticed me (taken as a clip from a video):

The detection meter starts at 35

In order to successfully stealth, you're going to want that number to be reasonably low. Around 20 is usually good for me. The lower the better, though.

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  • Also, interesting note from Update 13: Cameras will notice you in casing mode. Full stop. Whether or not they detect you depends on your detection risk, and how long you stay in their view. – Unionhawk Oct 5 '13 at 1:42

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