From "The Ultimate Strategy Guide" FAQ:

Magic (Mag):

Magic is used to power up the magic that a character can use. This includes summons as well as regular magic and enemy skills. The higher your Mag, the higher damage you'll hit with magic.

I can't tell if it affects healing and protection too, or just offensive spells.

Does the Magic stat affect all magic? Or just offensive spells?


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Yes, Magic affects healing. The formula to calculate how much you heal with Cure is:

6 * (Magic + Level) + 22 * Power

So the higher the Magic stat, the more HP that character will heal with a given Cure spell.


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Each type of magic has it's own formula (offensive, defensive, healing).

MAt = Magic Attack

MDf = Magic Defense


The Magical Formula for Base Damage is defined as such:

Base Damage = 6 * (MAt + Lvl)


Ability Power and the Defense Stat are factored in at the same time, just like the Physical formula:

Damage = [(Power * (512 - MDf) * Base Damage) / (16 * 512)]


The Cure formula is very similar to the Magical Formula, and starts off in a similar way.

Base Damage = 6 * (MAt + Lvl)

Damage = Base Damage + 22 * Power

Other formulas can be found in the FAQ linked in the source.

Source (Starts at 3.4.2 Magical)

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