Which achievements in The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav can be missed? Are any of them mutually-exclusive? How do I get them all?

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I'll try to keep this spoiler-free. Most of this is adapted from here.

Game-wide achievements

  • Endurance: Get all achievements
  • A Real Adventurer / Hard-boiled Adventurer: Complete the game in casual/challenge mode. Thus, you must complete the game twice to get all of the achievements.
  • Eagle-eye: Use the hotspot indicator no more than 50 times throughout the game.
  • Destroyer / Healer: Break/fix 100 items. Breaking/fixing the same item repeatedly counts.

Chapter 1

  • Penny Pincher: Win a prize from Hilda by spending no more than two kreutzer (How?)
  • Humble Servant / Loud-mouthed Bragger: When speaking to the king, either be formal+humble or proud+brag. You must save beforehand if you want to get both.
  • Fisherman / Thruster: Collect the magic water with/without smashing the fairy gate (How?). You must save beforehand if you want to get both.
  • Mack the Knife: Try to stab other characters with the knife 10 times (this can also be done in chapter 2)

Chapter 2

  • Horse-whisperer: Talk to the horse 10 times
  • A romantic heart: Offer Nuri either the blanket or the oneberry flowers
  • Snoop: Ask Nuri to eavesdrop on the orks four times
  • Marksman: Get the directions to Nuri on your first try by..

    ..throwing the paper into the wicker basket

  • Light Board Operator: Ask Nuri to move the light in the ceiling 50 times

Chapter 3

  • Ladies Man / Not a Ladies Man / An honest man: At the camp site, Accept Nuri / Reject Nuri / Tell Nuri the truth. You'll need to save and reload if you want all three.

Chapter 4

  • Feelin' Dizzy: In the art gallery, flip the painting of the gardens 20 times.
  • Changing seasons: In the art gallery, place and remove the color stone from the bottom basin 5 times.
  • World-whisperer: Find the hidden pantaloons (Where?)

Chapter 5

  • Philanthropist / He Died for the Cause: To get these you must enter the academy...

    ...having saved/not saved Olgierd (How?)

    You have to save beforehand if you want to get both in one playthrough!

  • Book Worm: Look at every book in the library (including the ones on Raven's Peak, which you'll get the option to read later)

All the rest you will get simply by playing through the game.

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