Is it possible to bind Domination/ÜberCharge lines to a specific key? Usually domination lines are only played when you are domination someone (clearly), but I'd like to bind them to a key.

I'm not sure if this is possible, because I'm pretty sure that the lines can only be activated by events though.


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    You can definitely do it with admin plug-ins, but I don't think its possible otherwise.
    – Lawton
    Commented Oct 7, 2013 at 3:20

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If i understand your question you want to bind a specific phrase from the voice menu to a certain key using the command console. You can do that in this way:

e.g. Need Dispenser = bind <key> "voicemenu 1 4"

e.g. Thanks! = bind <key> "voicemenu 0 1"

But you can't single out a single type of response from the selection.

e.g. You can't choose between Thanks! or Thank you! when using the command mentioned above.

It may be possible to do this with a script though but from what i know it would still generate some kind of a random response.

In Left 4 Dead it was possible to select a certain response from the list.

EDIT: You can't bind the voice responses triggered by events to a key, only those from the voice menu.


Unfortunately, you can't do this at all with Domination lines (the line a character says when he's dominating someone), because those are event-specific lines. Similarly, I assume when you say "ubercharge line", you mean the line for when an ubercharge is activated/active, rather than the line for when you want to inform someone of a fully-charged uber. This too is not possible, because it is an event-driven line.

Without some kind of server-side plug-in, these lines are only spoken during the key event. There might also be certain plug-ins you can do to activate the specific line on your side, but no one else on the server would hear it/it wouldn't affect their computer.

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