I have become quite connected in society, and an acquaintance of mine is suggesting I present myself at the Shuttered Palace. How do I go about doing so?


The most reliable way to gain access to The Shuttered Palace is through the "Open a way to other parts of the City" storylet that you can find by visiting your lodgings:

Open a way to other parts of the City storylet

To unlock this option, you need 400 bottles of Greyfields 1882, and 1000 bottles of Greyfields 1879.

A less reliable method is to wait for a "The Ways of the Shuttered Palace" Opportunity card to appear, which will provide you with a few options:

The Ways of the Shuttered Palace storylets

This card appears for those with a Persuasive skill of 40 to 80, and offers a "day-trip" to The Shuttered Palace for 50 Silk Scrap and permanent access if you are willing to spend 5 Fate (or Nex, as the case may be).

  • 400 bottles of Greyfields 1882 (at 4 pennies each) and 1000 bottles of Greyfields 1879 (at 2 pennies each) = 16 echoes + 20 echoes = just 36 echoes. A bit of writing gets you there fast enough.
    – Konerak
    Sep 22 '15 at 14:12

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