After completing a job online with some friends I received: 15 JP, 2590 RP (Experience) and ~$3500.

I am assuming JP stands for Job Points? .... What are they used for?


JP are indeed job points. As of now - they are used to determine tiebreakers. They are shown in the list of players and reset to 0 after every session.

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    "They pretty much do nothing" is entirely inaccurate. They are currently used to determine tiebreakers. Though I imagine they'll see more use in the future. – b1nary.atr0phy Oct 19 '13 at 20:31

There is not much information on JP.
Some call it Job Points, others Judge Points.
The only thing I could muster was a theory.

Since you lose JP every time you die or lose a game mode, can be considered a score of consecutive victories to determine your ranking in the Playlist, and other players can judge you if you are a good choice for the amount of JP.

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