In Rock Band 3 for PS3, when I'm playing with a band locally, is there a way that I can save my progress to the character on my account, even if that account isn't the currently active one? Like if my son is playing on his account, can I somehow join the game as the character from my account (on the same machine) and have it save achievements accordingly, similar to games like Little Big Planet?

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After much searching on the Rock Band forums, I found this post which seems to confirm that it is not possible on PS3. So only one account can be achieving goals at a time (although you can choose whether you want to have multiple people achieving goals for that one account).


I haven't tested this specific case, but whenever a player joins a current session, there's an option to sign in with any account that's not currently playing. You can also change the account you are using between songs, by pressing start.

  • Are you basing this off the PS3 version? I'm not seeing that show up, and when I go to Characters under the menu, it only shows the one for the currently active account.
    – bwarner
    Dec 29, 2010 at 17:08

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