I recently bought Dragon Age Origins -- Ultimate Edition from steam, and aside from a few minor issues, I think I will end up enjoying it.

However, I'm a little confused about what I'm supposed to be playing -- when I go to "new game", I have a choice between Origins and Awakening: alt text

What am I choosing here? Is the difference like that of Diablo II and it's expansion (where the expansion is the base game and then the expansion ((though the expansion offers items / classes / etc. not available in the base game))) or is the assumption that one plays through Origins first, and then plays Awakening (like a true sequel, e.g., Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2)?

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Awakening is basically a short campaign after the main story of Origins. Play Origins first, and after you finish, you'll get the option of transferring your character to Awakening.

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    I would recommend playing Awakening with a new character, if you import your Origins character you're far too powerful and it will be far too easy. Commented Dec 29, 2010 at 10:05
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    I disagree. Awakening is ridiculously easy anyway. You might as well enjoy your hard-earned backstory after playing Origins.
    – sykora
    Commented Jan 1, 2011 at 11:53

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