Are there any commands in Minecraft Pocket Edition? I'm looking for both singleplayer and multiplayer commands including admin commands.

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If you're talking about chat commands like /spawn and /tpa, some servers do support these commands using plugins. There was no functionality of this in Singleplayer or unmodded Multiplayer, but there is now because of the update.

  • What commands are in the update? I have the .14.b4 update and haven't seen any commands work for me.
    – ydobonebi
    Feb 5, 2016 at 17:56

Version 0.16 and later

Support for some commands was added with version 0.16 (October 2016).

Version 0.15 and earlier

No. There is no command functionality, and it's possible that the commands code isn't even present in the program yet.


if you hit chat and do / (command) some will work but so far when I try I get nothing but try with /gamemode and it will say command gamemode not found.

  • 1
    what kind of commands work? can u tell us any of them?
    – iMAGEbox
    Feb 5, 2014 at 15:02

At the present 0.15.10 update, commands in single player worlds are not yet supported. In 0.16.0 (the boss update) Mojang will add a few commands like /time set and /kill, etc. for more info go to Mojang's posts about it here and here. I don't know all the commands they are adding in 0.16.0, but later in 0.17.0 or later they will probably add more commands. 0.16.0 will be released October 18, 2016, and I have heard that 0.17.0 might be released in November.

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