On Terraria I mined a shadow orb thus getting a meteor. When I destroyed another shadow orb today I couldn't find the new meteor. The first time it was located in the Left ocean. Where could it be now ?

  • Did you destroyed the shadow orb did you get the message? you don't get a Meteor every time you destroy a Shadow Orb, i know from experience as before entering Hard Mode i was destroying all the shadow orbs to farm loot and after beating the Eater of Worlds like 5 times i only ever gotten like 3 meteor messages, however you will always be guaranteed one on the first orb you destroyed (theory is that the Eater of Worlds "lands" in your world on it)
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They can land almost anywhere, but never within 25 blocks of a player, an NPC or a chest.

This event always occurs off-screen, so the player will only see a message and the resulting crash site, but never the impact itself.


Meteorites can land anywhere, including Floating Islands, inside of a Chasm, or the Dungeon. Meteorites can even land at the bottom of a body of water. The Meteorite replaces dozens of blocks deep with Meteorite in a crater pattern. -- Source


It could have landed on a floating island. They are usually high enough in the sky that you'd not even notice. If you've walked from ocean to ocean and didn't see a meteor AND got the message that the meteor has landed, try looking up ^^


Most commonly if a section of the world is not discovered, the Meteor has a higher chance of landing there, if it did not... Sky Island would be your best bet. BEWARE! If it did land on a sky island most of it may get destroyed.

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