In multiplayer Minecraft play, is there a way to visually draw the attention of other players to a point in the world? Much like the "ping tool" in Portal 2, or to a lesser extent, the minimap ping in Starcraft.

I am mostly interested in using this in creative mode, especially when all players are already nearby and I want to direct their attention to a single spot in a room. I am using a Bukkit server, so answers that relate to that are also acceptable.

If it's not clear, the Portal 2 ping tool looks like this: Portal 2 ping tool. There's an animation that is visible no matter where the player is looking (even away from the target, even on the other side of a wall), and then it focuses in on the point of interest.

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Googling for "minecraft laser pointer mod" pops up several likely candidates.


  • Oh cool :) I saw a laser pointer thread but it seemed to be just a feature request. I missed this though!
    – detly
    Commented Oct 15, 2013 at 3:45

Another option is to shoot an arrow at the place you want them to look... Of course this may have side affects like killing mobs or triggering buttons/pressure plates.

  • Mobs/buttons are not an issue for us, but good to know for anyone else.
    – detly
    Commented Oct 17, 2013 at 6:06

Yes, you can use Fireworks!. It's not exactly the same, since the animation moves away from the target, but using several fireworks repeatedly should do the trick.

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