Every Pokemon game features NPCs that you can trade with in order to obtain different Pokemon, and Pokemon X and Y are no different.

I usually try and find and trade with all the NPC traders throughout a game. However so far I've only found one in Santalune City (he wants a Bunnelby for a Farfetch'd named Quacklin' - the best name ever, IMHO).

So where are all the other NPC traders? What Pokemon do they want, and what do they offer in exchange?


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So far that I've found, the in-game trades are as follows:

  • Bunnelby -> Farfetch'd: Santalune City (House, West from the fountain)
    • Jolly
  • Jigglypuff -> Bisharp: Snowbelle City (House, Southwest of the northern bridge)
    • Adamant
  • Luvdisc -> Steelix: Cyllage City (Pokemon Center)
    • Impish
  • Gyarados -> Magikarp: Random hotel (Must talk to a Hiker repeatedly over the course of a few days)
    • Adamant
  • Any Pokemon -> Eevee: Random hotel (Must talk to a woman repeatedly over the course of a few days)
    • Docile and holds a Rare Candy

After Elite Four

  • Any Pokemon -> Starter: Vaniville Town (outside your house)
    • You will get the starter yours is strongest against.
  • Any Pokemon -> Ralts: Lumiose City, (Cafe Soleil on Southern Boulevard)
    • Comes with Gardevoirite
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    To add to this answer, in 2 random hotels you can get an adamant Magikarp which a Gyarados is requested for trade. In another random hotel you can get a modest Eevee at the expense of any pokemon to trade. This Eevee actually comes from Mr. Backlots manison too. I found this info here: serebii.net/xy/ingametrade.shtml
    – C-dizzle
    Commented Oct 17, 2013 at 14:24

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