Every Pokemon game features NPCs that you can trade with in order to obtain different Pokemon, and Pokemon X and Y are no different.

I usually try and find and trade with all the NPC traders throughout a game. However so far I've only found one in Santalune City (he wants a Bunnelby for a Farfetch'd named Quacklin' - the best name ever, IMHO).

So where are all the other NPC traders? What Pokemon do they want, and what do they offer in exchange?


So far that I've found, the in-game trades are as follows:

  • Bunnelby -> Farfetch'd: Santalune City (House, West from the fountain)
    • Jolly
  • Jigglypuff -> Bisharp: Snowbelle City (House, Southwest of the northern bridge)
    • Adamant
  • Luvdisc -> Steelix: Cyllage City (Pokemon Center)
    • Impish
  • Gyarados -> Magikarp: Random hotel (Must talk to a Hiker repeatedly over the course of a few days)
    • Adamant
  • Any Pokemon -> Eevee: Random hotel (Must talk to a woman repeatedly over the course of a few days)
    • Docile and holds a Rare Candy

After Elite Four

  • Any Pokemon -> Starter: Vaniville Town (outside your house)
    • You will get the starter yours is strongest against.
  • Any Pokemon -> Ralts: Lumiose City, (Cafe Soleil on Southern Boulevard)
    • Comes with Gardevoirite
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    There's one in the first gym city which was Bunnelby for a Farfetch'd. – Raven Dreamer Oct 14 '13 at 13:33
  • @RavenDreamer - I think Yuki didn't list that one because that was my example one :P. In any case I added it to the list – Robotnik Oct 14 '13 at 23:35
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    To add to this answer, in 2 random hotels you can get an adamant Magikarp which a Gyarados is requested for trade. In another random hotel you can get a modest Eevee at the expense of any pokemon to trade. This Eevee actually comes from Mr. Backlots manison too. I found this info here: serebii.net/xy/ingametrade.shtml – C-dizzle Oct 17 '13 at 14:24

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