I am a little bit confused about the robbery of a drug store in GTA Online. So I have some questions:

  • After the robbery, I sometimes get a 2-star wanted level, and other times a 3-star wanted level. Why does this happen?
  • Is it harder to lose the cops after a robbery? I have a lot of problems after a robbery to lose them.
  • Sometimes, when I drive by a drug store which I already robbed, I automatically get a wanted star. Why?
  • Do you have some other usefull hints for me?

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  • When you kill the cashier, you'll get a 3* wanted level. If you just threaten him, you'll get only 2*
  • No it isn't! It's always the same strength of the police at the different levels.
  • This is because they know your face or you drive with a stolen car. If you drive with a stolen car, this "random" star can appear everywhere.


  • Don't shoot the cashier. Just shoot behind him a try to don't shoot him. So he will carry the cash even faster.
  • Before you enter a convenience store, make an escape plan. Look for LS-Custom's, winding streets or something. If the police is looking for you (if the wanted stars are blinkng), drive in a LS-Custom and go out again (you don't need to change the color), or drive into a winding street and wait. Edit: Just found out that your garage / appartment is also a good place to hide. If you have 3*, drive fast into a train tunnel while they're looking for you (blinking *). So the chopper doesn't see you anymore and if you were fast enough, the police cars also don't find you.
    Here I have marked (red rectangle) my two favourite convenience store's:
    They're located ad the bottom of the Sandy Shore desert. When you robbed the store, just drive into the LS-Custom (green rectangle). So you loose the police quickly. And Because the LS-Custom is as close to the store's, the police won't be there and won't see you before you're in the building.
  • Change the car to make it harder for the police to find you.
  • Before a robbery, buy a mask on the LS-Beach. Then put on the mask and do the robbery. Now, if you put off the mask, you'll loose directly 1* if the police don't see you! And if you enter the store later without a mask, he won't recognize you.

I hope I could help you a bit. And just google for other GTA (online) tips, so you may find some other great tips.

Credit: Map Shortcut made by GTA 5 Map

  • This Map-Website is awesome! Oct 14, 2013 at 13:57
  • Does the "they recognize your face" from having robbed a store without a mask ever wear off?
    – Random832
    Oct 14, 2013 at 15:03
  • @Random832: Yes! You can try it by yourself or just search the intermet. Many of these numbered blogs wrote about wearing a mask! Oct 14, 2013 at 16:22
  • Also, yell at headset will fill up the shopkeeper threaten meter faster. Yell louder. LOL
    – Raptor
    Nov 4, 2013 at 6:04

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