Search for this and couldn't find anything. In online mode on my map usually all the job icons are blue. Well I have one parachute mission on the map that the icon is gold. I have been logged off and back on a couple times and every time it seems to be the same parachute job. Does anyone know what it means and why it is gold?


The reason it is gold is because you bookmarked it through Rockstar Social Club; all bookmarked jobs (missions, survival, deathmatches, races, etc.) are highlighted in gold.

If you log into your Rockstar Social Club account, go to the GTA V section, then go to "GTA Online", you can find a list of your Bookmarked Jobs:

There you can remove any bookmarked jobs.

Also, if you open your map and highlight that icon with your cursor, it should say "Bookmarked (Job Type)".

Hope this helps!

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