I would like to use a Pikachu on my team, but without a light ball it doesn't compare very well to a Raichu. Is there anyway to get one in Pokemon X and Y?

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    The pikachu I caught had one already. So you could just thief on every pikachu you find. Commented Oct 16, 2013 at 19:47
  • Oh, hmm do we have data on the chances of them carrying one? That would be a good answer for the question if you wanted to give it a shot. Well, so would your comment but with the % chance it would be an answer I could mark as accepted.
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  • I don't know the % if I did I would have answered :( Commented Oct 16, 2013 at 19:50
  • In previous generations starting from Emerald on up, it was only a 5% chance to find a Pikachu holding a light ball. Not sure if that changed in generation 6. I know when I was fishing for luvdisc to get heart scales, I got one pretty much every time, and the chance for that item in prior games was 50%.
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    Another thing I forgot to mention, if you have a Pokemon with the "compound eyes" ability at the front of your lineup, it will increase the chance of the wild pokemon holding an item. Thus slightly increasing the chance of a pikachu holding a light ball.
    – C-dizzle
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Catch a caterpie and evolve it to butterfree, once you have compound eyes it should be relatively easier to find a lightball since your chances increase 50% I suggest catching the pickachu since I'm not sure if fainting it with thief will get you it's item


In Santalune Forest, you can find wild Pikachu. In B/W, it is a 1% chance to catch one carrying a Light Ball, but in B/W2, it is 5%. So in X/Y, it is probably 5% as well. If the lead of the party has the ability compound eyes, it increases the chance for the Pikachu to be holding the light ball.


According to Serebii.net Pikachu has a 5% chance to hold a light ball (the same as Black 2/White 2).

enter image description here


I decided to do some testing out in the field with a Vivillion (Compound Eyes) and Shuppet (Frisk, Thief):

Route 3: Encounter rate too low for workable results

Santalune Forest: 1 Light Ball / 10 Pikachu

Friend Safari: 3 Light Balls / 20 Pikachu

Accounting for slight variations, we can assume a 10% chance that a Pikachu holds a Light Ball, although this is accounting for Compound Eyes.


For me to get a Pikachu, I just use a pokeradar and if i find a pikachu i use butterfrees compoundeyes to increase the rarity of the light ball and then i use my eevees Covet to faint the Pikachu and walk away holding a light ball. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet.


You could always just use a pokemon as bait, so that when you find a Pikachu, if it does a lot of damage, it will probably be holding a light ball!

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