I have Call of Duty 4 (App Store version) on Mac, and PeZBOT mod for bots. I installed PeZBOT following the instructions to my Library folder, and it is working fine. However, by default, it does not have bots. Whenever I start a server, I must go to console and type

/svr_pezbots 6

(or whatever other number) to turn bots on. This is a bit tedious - how do I turn the bots on by default? I tried modifying pezbot.cfg in the mod folder, but it does not seem to have any effect.


The bots will be in for 2 or 3 matches after each other no quiting the match to start a new server. But after a while they will apear to be spectators.. I don't know why. But just try inserting new bots. If you want change maps use /devmap mp_(and the maps name) example /devmap mp_crossfire it will take you to that map and the bots will sometimes appear in the game. Also try /set svr_pezbots instead of just /svr_pezbots

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