I'm stuck in this puzzle given by the cyclops at the lighthouse. What am I trying to accomplish here and how?

barrel puzzle

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    For those not wanting to just read a walkthrough: The aim is to powerup (#) the "? ?" tile. Commented Oct 26, 2013 at 19:41

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So here's how it works:

  • V blocks make a block in the direction of the V
  • T block make a block above
  • <3 blocks power up all adjacent blocks
  • ---> blocks move the row below along one
  • | blocks move the row to the left up one
  • # indicates how many charges a block has

The first few clicks should be:

  1. Click the V/T block, then expand out the chain of Vs to get the --->.
  2. Make a T block by clicking the centre block
  3. Move the T block along to be one block to the left underneath the ?? block
  4. Click it, and expand to get a <3
  5. Click the <3 to charge
  6. Move it along one again and expand. You now have two adjacent <3 blocks to make an 'engine'

You can now expand out the rest of the area using the same method. You should end up with two ---> blocks, and one |. You can use these blocks to move around the movement blocks so you can move an engine underneath the ?? block.

Power it up to win.

  • Got it - trial and error, but the answer was certainly helpful.
    – 3ventic
    Commented Oct 24, 2013 at 14:03
  • I can think of an easy way. A list of blocks to click on, in order.
    – Hakanai
    Commented Oct 26, 2013 at 23:30

The goal is to power up the [ ? ? ] block with a charge (#) and click it. If you want to know exactly how to accomplish this, read on.

I made a video of myself completing the puzzle, you can see it here:

How to read the instructions:

  • Letter-number combination tells you which block to click, check the image below to understand better. E3*6 means press E column, row 3, 6 times in a row.
  • A charge is represented by #.
  • To charge a block, you need two adjacent <3 blocks.

Here's the full description; step by step. Click blocks in the following order:

  1. D3 - D2 - E2 - D3 - E3 - E3 - F4 - F3 - E3 - G4 - G3 - G2
  2. Repeat F2 and F3 until the nearby blocks are fully charged and always when there is a block with low charges adjacent to one of them.
  3. D3 - E3*6 - C4 - C3 - C2 - E3 - E3 - A4 - A3 - A2 - A1 - C1
  4. Repeat C1 and B1 until the nearby blocks are fully charged and always when there is a block with low charges adjacent to one of them.
  5. E3 - B4 - B3 - B2 - A5 - B2 - B2 - B2 - B5 - E3 - B2 - E3 - B2 - E3 - B2 - A4 - E3*6 - B2*3
  6. NOTE: Video takes a longer route, here's the shortcut.
  7. Charge both A1 and F2 with at least one charge.
  8. A1 - G2 - G1
  9. Done!

columns A-G, rows 1-6


I've made a close to minimal video showing the solution. It goes quickly, but doesn't have as many steps to follow. You can find it here Lighthouse Puzzle Solution

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    Can you summarize your solution here, please? That way, if the video ever goes down, your answer is still valid.
    – Frank
    Commented Oct 25, 2013 at 17:27

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