I can set the bug level using the computer from 0-4 for graphical, quest and ultimate. What do these actually do? Are they reversible or am I at risk of destroying my game?

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  • Graphical: just messes with the graphics of the game, making ASCII art appear and disappear randomly and sporadically the higher the level is.
  • Quest: messes with the quests to the point where characters can just fall through the ground or instantly die the higher the level is.
  • Ultimate: not sure entirely, but putting it all the way up does give you every item and a lot of health, and prevents you from leaving some quests.

These are reversible: go back to the computer and type "bug x 0", x being whatever bug you have open. Things will go back to normal (for most bugs, anyway).

  • The ultimate one CANNOT be reversed. I'm serious. even if you set it at 0, it kills your game. I'm dead serious.
    – user58644
    Oct 31, 2013 at 15:06

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