The 1.7.2 Minecraft update says that fishing has been changed.

Fishing is now more interesting

What's more interesting about it? What has changed?


Taken from the changelog for 1.7.2 on the minecraft wiki


  • Changes to fishing mechanics
  • Items other than fish can be obtained by fishing.
    • Fish: 4 items total, including Raw Fish, Raw Salmon, Clownfish, and Pufferfish.
    • Treasure: 7 items total, including enchanted fishing rods, enchanted bow, enchanted books, name tags, tripwire hook, lilypads, and saddles.
    • Junk: 11 items total, including damaged fishing rods, water bottles, rotten flesh, string, leather, bowls, sticks, boots or damaged boots.
  • New enchantments for Fishing Rods that can change your luck when fishing.
    • Lure - reduces wait time to catch an item.
    • Luck of the Sea - increases chance of getting treasure and decreases chance of getting junk.

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