I have got the Utility Belt (+25 deftness), the Honour Among Thieves (+3 defense), and the Medal of Freedom (+100 Deftness). Which of these accessories would help my thief's Half Inch be most successful?


Here's what I found:

  • +25 Deftness: Utility Belt
  • Doubles steal chance: Honour Among Thieves
  • +100 Deftness: Medal of Freedom

Because it doubles the steal chance, Honour Among Thieves increases Half Inch's success the most.

The percentage of success for Half Inch is:

[(deftness - 51)/237 + 2] * dropRate

Where deftness is the character's deftness, and dropRate is the dropRate of monster's item.

For a character with 0 deftness, Medal of Freedom results in a success rate of 2.21 * dropRate. For the same character, Honour Among Thieves results in a success rate of 3.57 * dropRate.

Additionally: The percentage of success for the Thief's Theory scroll is (Drop Rate * Character Level / 100). So keep it on your highest leveled character.




The Medal of Freedom. The highest increase of deftness will lead to the better chances of Half Inch being successful.

  • Can you provide any supporting information for this? Is there a formula for theft success? – KatieK Feb 4 '11 at 16:56

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