In the Stanley Parable, the computers, floors and desks are littered with poignant messeges that add detail and atmosphere. For example, right outside the first room by a copy machine

A poem apparently printed by the printer

Trouble is, most of these message are impossible to get at the right angle to read at. Additionally, I can't seem to find high enough resolution settings even when I do (picture was from my best screenshot). Is there any way to read all the textures in the game?


Yes, with VTFEdit you can view the contents of .vtf filese. Go to

<steamfolder>/steamapps/common/The Stanley Parable/thestanleyparable/materials

and double click on a .vtf file to view that set of textures.

Screenshot of a VTFEdit window viewing a brick wall texture

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    For the record, the sheet in question can be found at /models/props_parable/papersheets_5.vtf
    – Hooked
    Nov 1 '13 at 4:16

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