In the Stanley Parable, the computers, floors and desks are littered with poignant messeges that add detail and atmosphere. For example, right outside the first room by a copy machine

A poem apparently printed by the printer

Trouble is, most of these message are impossible to get at the right angle to read at. Additionally, I can't seem to find high enough resolution settings even when I do (picture was from my best screenshot). Is there any way to read all the textures in the game?

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Yes, with VTFEdit you can view the contents of .vtf filese. Go to

<steamfolder>/steamapps/common/The Stanley Parable/thestanleyparable/materials

and double click on a .vtf file to view that set of textures.

Screenshot of a VTFEdit window viewing a brick wall texture

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    For the record, the sheet in question can be found at /models/props_parable/papersheets_5.vtf
    – Hooked
    Commented Nov 1, 2013 at 4:16

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