I recently started a game on Civilization V and I really like the map I'm playing. I know it's possible to manually input a seed when creating a game but is there a way to display the seed of a game in progress?

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    I don't think I've ever seen a spot to specify the map seed, and I'm not aware of any location where the value is displayed on a running map. I will admit to not having total recall of every Civ5 option/value/checkbox/dialog/etc, though ;)
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I'm not sure about getting the seed from an existing map, but you can save only the map and then replay it with different settings.

In the MODS section, click Single Player. Select Set Up Game. The Map should be selectable here.



Now, there is no way to save the seed, but I found a way to restart on the same map. I recently messed up pretty bad because I had an amazing start for the pantheon "Earth Mother" but I went with "God of the Open Sky" instead. Filled with immediate regret for my action, I looked for any way to reset my pantheon or simply reset the game (I hadn't been smart enough to do a first turn save). I had no save file for the game but as it turns out, buried in the game's files, it has a background autosave for the most recently played game, regardless of your autosave preference settings.

I ended up restoring my session and righting my wrong by going to the C: drive (where I keep my x86 Program Files), going to Program Files, Steam, steamapps, common, and that is where I found my Civilization V folder. Once there I went to the folder marked "saves", the subfolder "single", and the subfolder "auto", wherein I found something titled OldAutoSave_Initial_0000 etc. etc., copy/pasted it into the folder "Single", and upon entering the single player menu and going to Load Game that I had a game titled that long title which turned out to be the start of the match I'd blundered. Ergo I saved my own ass, because this may be the best start I've ever seen. :)

T'was quite the adventure.

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