Although the question is more technic- and not game-content-related I hope that someone here might help with this issue:

We are 2 players who tried to play a ROM over ZSNES 1.42 on two different machines using the Netplay Function.

We have no problems to connect our computers to each other using netplay, when he (Player #1) starts as a server and I (Player#2) connect to his computer as a client using his IP address.

We also got the game running on both our machines:

Player#1 starts the game and via netplay Player#2 can see the same screen as P#1 with audio, video and P#1's navigation on the screen. After starting the game in 2 Player Mode, P#1 is able to navigate through game menus, move the character etc. but P#2 can't move, navigate or do anything inside the game using the keyboard settings that he configured.

P#2 will be able to pause the game, change his configs and restart the game again in the emu but input via keyboard seems to be ignored for most in-game commands. Sometimes, when the game is restarted one key might work for p#2, but all the others which were set in the P#2 input configs are still ignored.

Here are the specifications of our systems and which settings we already tried:


  • acts as netplay server

  • Windows 7 - 32-bit

  • ZSNES 1.42

  • playing with Gamepad

  • Config Input#1: Keyboard/Joystick

  • COnfig Input#2: None (no key set for any control)


  • acts as netplay client

  • Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS or Windows 7 -32 bit

  • ZSNES 1.42 (in Ubuntu and in Windows)

  • playing with keyboard

  • Config Input#1: None (no key set for any control)

  • Config Input#2: Keyboard/Joystick

We first assumed that the differing OS of our machines would be a problem but running the game under Ubuntu or under Windows for P#2 results in the very same problem.

Do you have any ideas for this? Thanks in advance!

  • I've had this same problem, but you put a whole more effort into trying to solve it! Eagerly anticipating someone's answer.
    – obskyr
    Nov 9 '13 at 11:21

Easy. Both players using Netplay should be configuring their Port 1. Netplay will assume the config you want to use for your netplay session will be Port 1 no matter which player you end up being.

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