In this edition of Four Swords, is it different than the GBA version? Or is it the same?


The DSiWare edition of Four Swords is changed to be playable in single-player mode. The original (a feature of the GBA port of A Link to the Past) was multiplayer-only, requiring 2-4 players to play.


Kai said the main difference in that the DS version (anniversary edition) is playable in single-player. Other differences, most of which are mentioned on the Wiki page:

  • Not paired with a game (A Link to the Past)
  • Multiplayer done through DS Wireless Communications instead of link cable
  • Two new stages: the Realm of Memories and the Hero's Trial, each with three doors. Each door in the Realm of Memories is based on a previous Zelda game and has more challenging puzzles compared to the other levels. The Hero's Trial is considerably more difficult than the other stages, functioning as a "hard mode." Completing these rewards the Master Sword and Hurricane Spin, respectively, which could previously only be unlocked with A Link to the Past.
  • Some sound effects and tracks were improved

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