At the conclusion of the final mission, once the credits have rolled, you are treated to a Psychiatric Report.

What in-game actions effect the contents of this?

What possible results are there?

  • From researching this, it looks to be a very big answer. – Zero Stack Nov 4 '13 at 18:45
  • @zerostack, from what I've seen each line of the report seems to be controlled by one or two statistics. With 15 lines, it would be a large answer, but not prohibitively so. – ChargingPun Nov 4 '13 at 18:53
  • And also does that Psychiatric report pertain to Michael alone or all the characters? – Venki Nov 4 '13 at 19:33
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    @Dredd, I think it is a general assessment since the user name appears on the report (not any of the character's names). – ChargingPun Nov 4 '13 at 19:39

Regardless of the path chosen, GTA 5 ends with a custom psychological profile molded by a player’s in-game actions. These profiles are tailored to each player's style and decision-making process.

Here is an example report posted on IGN:

enter image description here

From what I noticed and what ChargingPun mentioned, there are 15 lines in the report that coorelate to a specific statistic.


  • Dull but at least they have insurance.

  • An intriguing case.

  • Remarkable - a true sociopath.

  • Hmmmm... words fail me.

  • I sincerely hope someone arrests this maniac very soon.

  • Deranged. Seriously deranged.

  • Bit of a confusing case - not really sure where to begin.

  • Not sure what to make of this one - interesting, up to a point, but also very, very boring.


  • Classic fence sitter!

  • Cannot make up mind - seemingly about anything.

  • Tries to do the right thing - poor judgement as to what that is.

  • Occasionally makes complex choices.

  • Definitely incapable of making a real decision.

  • Good at compromise. Not so good at willpower


  • Scared of ageing. Which is a worry.

  • Doesn't hate self as much as any sane person would.

  • Classic case of father issues

  • Very large ego.

  • Self justifying fool.

  • in love with finding a reason as to why awful decisions are correct

  • In thrall to own baser desires.

4.) Amount spent on buying useless stuff

  • Mean. Very mean.

  • Throws money around very freely - suggest sexual inadequacies - must investigate further.

  • Too easy with money

  • Pointlessly mean with money.

  • Irresponsible with money and with rest of life.

  • Reckless financially.


  • At times, can be oddly morally superior, which is incredible.

  • Superior - despite many obvious inadequacies.

  • Loves to act like a big shot

  • Prone to being judgmental about some weaknesses but not own.

  • Likes to buy attention.

6.) Dependant on getting private lap dances or taking the strippers back to your safe house for a night of "fun".

  • Sexually repressed, which is a good thing.

  • Has some moral boundaries, it seems - just nowhere near enough.

  • Likes to use people

  • Seeks out love… in wrong places.

  • Repressed, in some ways - mostly sexual. Definitely a confusing area - must investigate further.

  • Possibly homosexual. Not sure they even know - imagine we will chat for many, many years, then they'll run off with a trucker.

  • Sexually judgmental about some things.

  • Treats women respectfully - when not killing them or their husbands

  • Definite whore / Madonna complex. More on the whore side of things.

7.)Dependant on Ignoring or accepting the calls that initiates Michael's Family Side Missions.

  • Loves family - having met them, not sure quite why.

  • Family minded for some reason.

  • Ignores family life

  • Will probably get left by family.

  • Loyal to crazy family, which I suppose is a start.

  • Family minded.

  • Ignores people closest to him

8.)Dependant on dollar amount invested in the Stock Market and results (making a profit or not).

  • Keen to be part of American dream, which is odd.

  • Scared of adult world.

  • Thinks they are a wise type who sees the bigger picture.

  • Falls for get rich quick schemes and other easy way outs.

  • Likes white collar crime almost as much as the blue collar variety.

  • Wisely invests money - in insane speculations

  • Investor type - which is odd given risk taking as unlikely to make old bones.


  • I wish I knew what meds to offer them - arsenic?

  • Terrifyingly insular.

  • Prone to random and futile outbursts of violence

  • Psychopath or sociopath? Both.

  • Vindictive in the extreme.

  • Frighteningly myopic about suffering (of others)

  • Vindictive bully.

10.)Dependant on amount of Robbing Stores, Stealing Cars

  • At least keeps the car stealing to minimum.

  • Respects some property rights - not others, of course.

  • Serial thief

  • Thieving kept to something of a minimum.

  • Seems to prefer well considered crimes - in some instances.

  • Tends to not steal too much more than situation requires - is that a good thing? I have no idea anymore

  • Kleptomaniac

  • Frighteningly cold hearted about other people when it comes to property, etc.

11.) Related to total time spent doing yoga:

  • Well, the yoga was not popular. Unlike the murder.

  • Tried yoga - stuck to mayhem. Great.

  • Now they are interested in yoga?

  • Yoga? No. not so much. Happier with lunacy.

  • Tried yoga but preferred murder?

  • Wonder if devotion to yoga will influence murderous rages?

  • Attempts at spirituality not successful. Unlike crime career.

  • I thought yoga was meant to calm the mind?

12.) Related to total time spent playing sports:

  • Over exercise not a vice! At least there's one...

  • Physically unambitious.

  • At least they don't over exercise

  • A freak of many things, but not of physical fitness.

  • At least they don't over exercise.

  • Psychotic about most things, but not exercise.

  • Lazy, lazy, lazy

13.) Amount of "Strangers and Freaks" Side mission initiated

  • Seems to like strange people.

  • Friendly, but terrifying.

  • Easily distracted and eager to try new things, meet new people, cause new trouble!

  • Like strangers.

  • Seems to prefer a predictable life to the chaos of real life - unless they are one causing chaos.

  • Crazy but outgoing.

  • Avoids new people


  • A.D.D. ?

  • Possible A.D.D.?

  • Distracted

  • Not able to really finish things they start.

  • Easily distracted

  • Lazy in some ways.


  • Will make me retire... and emigrate.

  • Bizarre case study in excess.

  • Don't know exactly what to make of this one.

  • Needs a lot of help - as do I!

  • Hmm - probably one to write about in next book.

  • Help!

  • In my professional opinion, this one is a fucking nut job.

Sources: IGN, Neoseaker, IGN Thread,

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