Tiny Death Star is a Star Wars version of Tiny Tower. In Tiny Tower, I can easily view my friend's tower. Is this possible in Tiny Death Star? If so how?

Example: Here is a screenshot of my Friends also playing Tiny Tower (I can then click on their tower to view it).

"Friends" screen of Tiny Tower, showing three buildings

I couldn't find the option / similar feature in Tiny Death Star when I looked. Have I missed it?

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There is no mention of this feature in the feature list on the game's website, and it definitely isn't available within the game, so unfortunately it doesn't appear to be available.

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    Maybe they thought there can only be one ultimate power in the universe, so looking at other ones would break that illusion. Commented Nov 27, 2013 at 14:51

For a brief moment, there was a social media button in the middle space of the menu page. But, it was taken away with another update. I know it had a share on Facebook option.

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