I did a lot of searching and can't get a clear answer: If a resource is beyond 3 tiles but within the 5 tile border, do we still get the resource benefit? Do I have to improve it? I know it can't be worked, but if I can get the resource, and I do improve it, do I get the gold too?

I ask because I have seen resources near each other that I can get only some of them, the others are just outside.

Thanks for your help!


Yes, you can't work it so you won't get any Gold/Production/Science/etc. out of a tile 4+ away from a city.

However, in the case of strategic resources (Horses, Iron, Coal, ...) and luxury resources (Sugar, Gold, Silk, ...), they will be added to your pool if you improve the tile.

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  • Great! Thank you! So I will improve them just so I can get the resources!!! – user59227 Nov 9 '13 at 4:06

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