There are quite a few ways to damage things in Bad Company 2, but I'm wondering what does the most damage in the game?

While I guess c4 can be piled up to cause a ton of damage at once, I'm only interested in damage per one attack or usage.


C4 and AT mines with explosive spec equipped (x1.25) do the biggest blast damage - 362.5 points (soldier health is 100 points).

Tank shells with weapon upgrade spec (x1.25) do the most damage to tanks - 1093.75 points (tank health is 1250 points).

I don't know if any spec makes TOW shells stronger, but they do 900 damage to tanks by default (comparing to 875 from tank shells and 865 from C4/AT). So with 1.25 multiplier from a spec it would be the most powerful against tanks - 1125 points.


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  • Do tank shells do a different amount of damage when hitting nontanks? – Mark Rogers Jan 8 '11 at 6:40

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