In the pokemon games there are these two itens that essencially do the same thing (Apply a % of making the enemy flinch when attacking).
I wonder if there are differences in the percentage of flinching equipping the itens would generate.
Any ideas?

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They are exactly the same in battle, as all items with the same description are, giving 10% chance to flinch to the attacks of the Pokemon holding them. The difference is that Gligar evolves up while holding the Razor Fang during a level up at night, and Slowpoke evolves while holding the King's Rock during a trade. If you don't play to use it as an evolutionary item, they are identical.


Serebii says otherwise:

King's Rock is a + 10% flinch

Razor Fang is a + 11.7% flinch




  • looks like serebii has been updated and the two items are identical now. 10% each. Commented Jan 17, 2022 at 5:58

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