I am early in my first playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Within, and it seems that one of the limiting / balancing factors in MEC performance is ammunition: The minigun seems to only carry ammo for two shots, and a single use of Collateral Damage exhausts it. What ways are there to improve the number of shots that a MEC can get between reloading?

For example,

  • Does the Ammo Conservation foundry upgrade apply to MECs?
  • Is there something in the MEC skill tree to help with this?
  • Are future MEC weapons more ammunition-efficient than the Minigun?

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All MEC weapons have the same amount of available ammo, enough for 2 shots before a reload. Ammo Conservation provides 1 extra shot, and so does the Expanded Storage, which is a MEC trooper skill for the Captain rank, for a total of 4 regular shots or 2 uses of Collateral Damage before a reload.

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