Are the new sister's of eve level 4 mission agents that were recently released similar to the Osmon L4 agent in the missions they give, or are the rats' factions different?

I fly a nightmare usually so if there's some missions that are more laser friendly then I'm definitely interested in moving there from Osmon.


Agents of the same corp and level are handing out the same pool of missions. There is a factor of luck in getting good missions or missions you can run well. To get more efficinet people prefer corps that have agents close together, so you can pick from a bigger pool. And they have different ships and setups available for different kinds of missions.

  • Just to add one tiny detail: The pool of available missions is based on the region you're in, as far as I know even if you're working for the same corporation. – Mario Nov 28 '13 at 10:00

There is a lvl4 SOE agent at apaneke system, bloor raider region, mostly laser friendly missions. (I use Apocalypse Navy easily)

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