I was at the lollipop farm, when all of a sudden, an option for me to "dig a pond" pops up. I don't want to waste 100,000 candies for no apparent reason, so can anyone tell me what it does?

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The pond allows you to buy Lolligators for 1200 candies each. Lolligators can be fed candies, turning them into lollipops at a 1:1 ratio.

It's useful if you have a large amount of candies and want more lollipops instead.


The pond, when bought, allows you to buy "Lolligators," or alligators who eat your candies in exchange for lollipops.


The alligators when you buy the pond they cost 1200 candies you feed them candies if you have a lot and want lollipops instead you feed them and get lollipops in exchange for the candies

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