I loved flying all the different ship types in X3 (and its various flavors). I especially liked flying the more ponderous (and more deadly) ships.

As near as I can tell, in X-Rebirth, you never get to fly anything other than the Albion Skunk and occasional drones. I know that you can pick up other ships for your fleet but do you ever get to drive the other ships from the cockpit?

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No. As you mentioned in your question you are limited to your one and only ship - the albion skunk - and drones. You can get other ships for your fleet but you won't be able to fly them by yourself. But you should be able to land on a capital ship of your fleet, walk to the bridge and give orders to the captain. So it's more like a passiv-mode, then actually flying those ships.

In addition I would like to point out, that the X series is very well known for their modding community. So it may be possible to fly other ships with some mods later on :)

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