I came accross two or maybe three of the game's easter egg, playing the Mole and digging in some maps' regions.

Easter egg in the Casino

Are there others? Are there other ways to find easter eggs than digging? Where are they located?

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Here are the lists of all the text easter eggs I can find by digging as the Mole in the standard levels. As of Dec. 14, 2013, almost all of these can be found by browsing though the Steam Community Screenshots (exceptions start with an asterisk).

Addendum: They just released the Enhanced levels on December 15th. I have yet to check how many of these easter eggs are still intact. Will post when I do.

Locksmith's Story, Hijack at the Hairpin, Shoreline:

  • north of boat: "You're going the wrong way!"
  • northeast of previous message: "Why are you digging all the way over here?"
  • north of Mole message: "Dude, the boat's not over here!"
  • north of Mole: "You are nowhere near the boat my friend!"
  • northeast of previous message: "Stop digging this way, there's nothing over here!"

Locksmith's Story, The Lebanese Embassy, Main Office:

  • southwest of level: "OMG! What are you doing?"

Locksmith's Story, Centre Hospitalier, Helicopter Landing Pad:

  • *northeast of level: "Umm, you're supposed to be rescuing The Hacker..."
  • northwest of level: "What is it with you and property damage?"
  • west of level: "Now you're just smashing stuff for no reason..."
  • south of Hacker's skylight: "What kind of person wrecks a hospital?!?!"

Locksmith's Story, Musee Oceanographique, Top Secret Storage:

  • east of level: "Nguyen, remember to put an easter egg here."

Locksmith's Story, Quartier Diamant, Underground:

  • northwest of level: "Nguyen, put the secret unlock here before launch!"

Locksmith's Story, Place du Palais, Street Level:

  • southeast of level: "Ain't nothing here."

Locksmith's Story, Place du Palais, Second Floor:

  • south of level: "Nope! Nothing."

Locksmith's Story, Casino De Monte Carlo, VIP Poker Game:

  • south of poker game: "Nguyen, put something here or you're fired!"

Pickpocket's Story, One Last Job, VIP Helipad:

  • west of helicopter: "Nguyen, there is a lot of empty space here."
  • south of previous message: "Use this are to create a challenge"
  • south of previous message: "that will unlock the secret 9th class."
  • south of previous message: "OR ELSE YOU'RE FIRED!"
  • south of previous message: "I MEAN IT!"

Pickpocket's Story, Identity, Maximum Security:

  • *southwest of map, west of C4: ":)"

The credits have some extra lines:

"Monaco is an online multiplayer game. You may encounter some people online that are difficult to describe as anything but nut-punchers. Please treat others online the way you would like to be treated in person. Even the nut-punchers."

"Dear Thieves, I hope you've enjoyed stealing stuff, you criminal bastards. Now go do something nice for someone. Hug someone, go outside, I don't care. Love, @andyschatz"


If u go up to the toilet, you will start using it, unless you are the redhead, and if you do this long enough, the toilet will flush when you stop.


There are lots of other easter eggs. Other than the occasional easter egg, there is no other way to find them other then by digging.

Simply by browsing through Monaco's steam community screenshots section, you can find screenshots of other esater eggs, but there is no list of them at this moment.

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