Some tonics/plasmids in Gatherer's Gardens say "(Downloaded)" before their descriptions and only cost 1 ADAM. What does this mean?

Sonic Boom in a Gatherer's Garden

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These are part of Downloadable Content you have installed. In the case of Sonic Boom that's the 1.1 Patch, which registers as a DLC.

The 1.1 Patch includes a variety of other changes - I have marked the plasmid additions:

  • Added compatibility with Matrox TripleHead2Go - Allows Bioshock users to play in Surround Gaming Mode across 3 screens simultaneously
  • Added rendering support for TripleHead2Go
  • Added the following plasmids and gene tonics: Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom 2, Eve Saver, Machine Buster, Machine Buster 2, Vending Expert, Vending Expert 2
  • Added an Option to disable the Vita-Chambers for added difficulty.
  • Changed behavior of subtitles so that inappropriate queuing is improved
  • Added support for a walk toggle keybind
  • Added Horizontal FOV Lock option
  • Atlas VO volume increased for German releases

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