When the pokemon has sufficient hearts in the new affection mechanism in pokemon-amie, sometimes events such as surviving with 1HP occur during battle.

When this happens, one heart floats up and away from the pokemon.

Is this a "spending" of a "heart resource" that after a certain threshold would cause one heart to be lost in the pokemon-amie?

I've stopped petting/feeding/playing with that particular pokemon to find out but I can't conclude anything yet because I've not triggered the in-battle event many times.

Has anyone lost a heart in pokemon-amie? Is it possible to?


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It seems that you cannot lose affection that has been gained in Pokemon Amie. The heart floating away, that's your pokemon saying "I love you, I got this in the bag, I have the force of will to keep fighting for you!"

Or something along those lines.


Like the answer above, it doesn't lose the affection heart from that.

It is, however, possible to lose affection. As far as I know, it is only possible to lose it if you trade a Pokemon that you originally got in a trade from one game back to the first.

Let's say you traded a Pokemon for something like a Fennekin, and you traded that Pokemon from your X game to your Y game. If you were to trade it back to X (or Y) it would lose its affection because it wasn't originally yours begin with.

I imagine it's also like this when you trade a Pokemon from X to Y (or Y to X). A maxed out affection Pikachu on your Y game would have zero hearts on X; because, it wasn't originally your X character's Pokemon. If you return it back to Y, it's affection would be restored, since, your Y character was the original owner.

  • So, the long story short is, affection isn't transferred when trading, but getting the same Pokemon BACK from trading, the game remembers its affection level
    – Robotnik
    Jan 13, 2014 at 4:18
  • 1
    I believe @Robotnik 's summary is too narrow. It seems it only remembers the affection of it's OT when trading; I'm raising some pokemon my husband hatched for me (for the boosted XP) and when I loaned one back to him, it totally forgot me. Good thing I only had one heart thus far! May 26, 2014 at 18:43

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