Credits are used to purchase things like additional levels (that I've found so far). You can get more through microtransactions though I'd rather avoid this option:

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What in game actions allow you to earn credits?

  1. Completing a quest from the Emperor.

  2. Completing a quest from Vader.

  3. Taking a bitizen to their requested floor in the elevator.

  4. Stocking an item in a shop (Food, Retail, Recreation, Service) will lead to credits as it will then be sold.

  5. Rent being payed by the occupants of a residential level.

  6. Taking a Big Spender to a shop with 1 or more products.


Additional methods -

Fully stocking a level results in a small bonus of credits.

Bringing a ? bitizen to their desired level will give you double the normal tip and trigger a small buying frenzy.

You can also exchange Bux for credits.

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