How much xp per hour can I expect fishing rocktails at level 90 fishing on RuneScape?

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    "xp an hour" or "xp per hour" (not "and hour") and "rocktails" (not "rocktail's") – Artemis Jul 12 '10 at 13:34
  • well at lvl 99 fishing i catch over the 300 mark so i get 500k a hr but its not that good money 600k if bad i get 1m a hr botting runecrafting :) – Johno wilson Sep 2 '11 at 11:48
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Here is a Rocktail Fishing Guide. The author, with 99 fishing and a granite lobster, was able to catch between 110 and 141 rocktails per hour.

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I know you get 380 xp per fish, but I don't know how many you can catch in an hour. If you get one at least every thirty seconds, you get 45,600 xp in that hour. If you can get 3 every minute (or one every 20 seconds), you get 68,400. So, probably between those two numbers.

I get all of my runescape information from Zybez.net, but their fishing guide doesn't say much about fishing rocktails.

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