I'm stuck on the the mission "Sakura's Training" (C-rank I think) where one of the conditions is to use the Substitution Jutsu more than 6 times. What does it mean by that? Does it mean use the item Substitution Justu more than six times, or obtain the item Substitution Jutsu more than 6 times, or block when an enemy attacks you and teleport behind them, or do additional blows and teleport behind them when they try to strike you, or what?

  • I'm pretty sure it's the one where you block and teleport behind them. My ps2 is currently broken so I can't double check with my copy, but I'm pretty sure that was it. – LLF Nov 30 '13 at 1:15

From doing research into this, I have determined the Substitution Jutsu the game refers to is where you teleport just as your opponent tries to hit you.

Substitution Jutsu: Hit the L2 or R2 button just before you enemy hits you.

Note: The link contains spoilers.

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