I don't really want to sacrifice good NPCs, are there any evil followers?


You get an evil follower, Eola, by completing Namira's daedric quest. This requires you to do something quite evil yourself, though. You can also get a few evil followers from the Dark Brotherhood questline, but they are not eligible to be sacrificed.


I went with Marcuio (Riften) because he was really pompous. And it was him or the Whiterun guy with the ram-horned helmet that made a lewd comment to my char (female, because I'm a female). Being someone who gets tired of that in games, ....yeah.

The odd thing is that I take Faendal usually because the story line really seems to get you to walk a morally gray line at least, which I have no problem with, but he keeps my char in check.


SPOILER: If you go to solsthiem and do the 'unearthed' quest

once it's done if you let Ralis live, use him as your follower. It's soooooo beautiful.


I used J'zargo. (from the college of winterhold) After all, he did manage to kill me a few times with his dumb scrolls before I figured out to use a fire resist potion.

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