Various times throughout the game, you'll receive a radio message indicating that a survivor is in trouble, or that there are possible survivors in an area.

If I choose to continue looting houses or doing other missions, will this have any effect on the number of people who survive?

Do survivors die if you don't immediately rescue them?

  • I think the timeout for such mission is about 1 hour playing time (when you play the game. Offline time does not count). When the mission times out, it is randomly determined if the characters will survive or get injured/die.
  • Before the timeout, if you don't wander around the vicinity of the mission area, the survivors won't be spawned yet. So it doesn't matter if you rescue them 5 minutes after getting the missions or 50 minutes, as long as you keep the zombies off them when they spawn.
  • In the new Breakdown DLC, time out for these missions is a lot shorter (about 30 minutes or less)

There is a ratio of death to survival if a survivor is in trouble. From my experience, when I leave the survivors, they usually come back to the base alive but I might lose 1 medicine resource and lose 1 morale point.

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