When a survivor falls ill or is seriously injured, there is a chance that they may become infected and may not heal from that injection. This will result in the survivor turning into a zombie, who will then attack other members of your party at your base.

An ill survivor may be highlighted with the mission "Mercy Killing", which will give you three options;

  • Kill the survivor
  • Evict the survivor from your base
  • Defer the decision until later

enter image description here

If you defer the decision, what are the chances of the survivor becoming infected and turning into a zombie? Is this related to the amount of medicine you have on base or any other factors? Is it worth always killing off a survivor in case they turn?


Basically, all you can do to treat a survivor is to have a medical area and medicine. The medical area, from my experience will treat a survivor better if it is upgraded to either the infirmary or medical lab. Having a surplus of medicine will also help quite a bit to heal and treat people.

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