How exactly do I chain fish in Pokemon X and Y? Do i have to talk to the super rod fisherman, or what. I fish every time after the last, but I have no way to know if it is working or not. I run at the end of every battle instead of KO'ing due to limited PP.

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Simply pick a spot and use any rod.

These actions will cause the chain to break*:

  • Reeling it in too late/early

  • No fish biting (use a pokemon with Suction Cups / Sticky Hold ability in the first party slot to reduce the chance of this)

  • Loading/reloading a map

    • Entering a building

    • Using Fly

  • Ending the game / switching the 3DS off

These actions will not cause the chain to break*:

  • Running from battle

  • Catching/Fainting the pokemon

  • Fishing up a different pokemon

  • Using Potions / Repels / PP restore from menu

  • Using a different fishing rod

  • Equipping the Bicycle / Dowsing Machine / Skates

  • Moving to another spot on land (within the same map)

    • Encountering other Pokemon in grass.


  • Crossing a map boundary as long as it does not involve doors and/or loading a map. (e.g. it is okay to move along the coast of Cyllage City, Lower Route 8, Ambrette Town)

  • Using Surf and Waterfall

    • Moving from land to water using Surf

    • Moving on water

    • Encountering Water pokemon by moving on water

  • Using Rock Smash

    • Encountering pokemon from the Rock Smash


  • Saving the game (but this doesn't matter because the chain breaks if you switch off the game, so you can't load a save file that maintains the chain).

  • Closing the 3DS lid (sleep mode)

  • Pressing the home button (suspended game)

*A Summary on how this information was verified:

  1. Started with a fishing record of 5 consecutive.

  2. Fish 6 consecutive times

  3. Perform the alleged action that will break the chain

  4. Fish another 2 consecutive times

  5. Check against the fisherman in the fishing shack on Route 16

If he reports 6 as the longest chain, then the action that was investigated breaks the consecutive chain. If he reports 8 as the longest chain, then that action does not break the chain.

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